Are you tired of Republican Party? Of the Democratic Party?  

There is an Alternative!

The Working People Party.

And, it’s a better idea!




Who are the “Working People”?

 We are working people. Our work creates the country’s wealth. Some of us work in offices. Some of us work in factories. Some of us own our own small businesses, but we know those who work with us personally and think of them as our partners. Some of us work on the farms. Some of us work with our hands. Some of us work with our minds. Some of us are working now, or are looking for work, and some of us have retired from a life of working. We all have inherited the world and the know-how of our ancestors. We are the stewards of the earth and of our common heritage of knowledge, wisdom, and common sense. To us is entrusted the well-being of our grandchildren. We are the commonwealth.


What We Want

 We want an economy that works for us. We want an economy in which Wall Street, Big Banks, and Corporations serve the interests of working people. We do not want an economy in which corporations take working people for granted, use and abuse them, or discard them, as they please.

We want to elect representatives who will put the values of working people at the top of the political agenda and put working people in charge of the economy. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party will do that. They are either condescending to working people or in bed with big business—or, worse, both.


What We Are Doing

 We are creating our own political party – The Party of Working People. Unlike the Democratic Party, we do not believe that government should take care of all our problems. We believe, instead, that we should have the power to take care more of our own problems from the bottom up. Unlike the Republican Party, we do not believe we need to feed the greed of Wall Street, Big Banks, and Corporations.

We believe, instead, that Wall Street and Big Banks and Corporations should abide by our values of work, responsibility, and community. Wall Street and Big Banks and Corporations tells us they are the ones who give us our jobs and our wealth–but they lie. It is the work of working people that produces the wealth they take.


They have been exporting our jobs. For the jobs they haven’t been able to export, they have forced us to work more, for stagnate wages and lower benefits. More and more of us have to work two, even three jobs, to make ends meet. All along, they have cried poverty (while fattening the wallets of 1%), and asked for lower corporate taxes. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have fed their greed. The Working People party will stop feeding their greed

Our Vision

 Good paying work for everyone who wants it is the foundation of a strong economy, indeed, of a strong country. But neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party will stop the hemorrhaging of jobs abroad. They pay lip service to the need for jobs, but use our tax dollars and the men and women in the military to keep the world safe for investment outside the US. It is no surprise that corporations keep exporting our jobs, and that the promises of both the Democratic Party and of the Republican Party seem hollow. They seem hallow because they are hollow. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans speak of the dignity of work and working people, of the right of the working people to jobs with dignity and security.


Only a PARTY of WORKING PEOPLE can fix the fundamental problems we face. Stop wasting time asking the Democratic and/or the Republican Party to do the right thing. They can’t. They won’t. As working people we have to get the job done with a party of our own.


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